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Organization (As of June 23, 2017)



Marketing & Sales Development Unit

Conduct sales activities across Japan to government agencies, social infrastructure based service providers and telecommunication carriers.

Global Business Operations Unit

Provide ICT infrastructure installation and support services mainly to overseas customers located in the areas covered by the subsidiaries (ASEAN, Middle East and South America).

Enterprise Solutions Operations Unit

Provide integrated office solutions including security measures, green energy solutions, etc., and system integration services centered on ICT and related outsourcing / cloud services mainly to business enterprises.

Carrier Public Solutions Operations Unit

Supply system integration and other services for carrier-quality grade large-scale wide area ICT infrastructure related businesses of telecommunication carriers and public companies mainly.

Public Infrastructures Solutions Operations Unit

Provide social infrastructure related ICT system integration and its accompaniment services such as maintenance services mainly to government agencies and public utility service providers (broadcasting companies, electric power companies and others).

Technical Services Operations Unit

Provide, operate and maintain corporate business platform to support each service (maintenance service, operations service, monitoring service, outsourcing service and facility engineering service) of fore-mentioned Solutions Operations Units as well as to design and develop new solutions, new outsourcing services and other services utilizing the platform capacity.

Domestic Service network

Regional Divisions
Regional Offices
Operation Service Centers
Data Centers
Service Delivery Operation Center (sDOC)
Service Centers
Service Stations
about 400
Parts Stations
about 400

Subsidiaries and Affiliates (As of April 1, 2017)

NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd. [new window]

Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Established: November 1985
Capitalization: ¥190 million
Voting rights: 100.0%
subsidiary:TNSi Europe GmbH


Head office: Hyogo, Japan
Established: January 1953
Capitalization: ¥50 million
Voting rights: 100.0%

NEC Net Innovation, Ltd.

Head office: Miyagi, Japan
Established: August 1977
Capitalization: ¥45 million
Voting rights: 100.0%

Q&A Corporation [new window]

Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 1997
Capitalization: ¥897 million
Voting rights: 56.9%
subsidiary:D-Cubic Corporation
subsidiary:Q&A WORKS CO.,LTD.
subsidiary:Q&A ARCHITECT CO.,LTD.
subsidiary:LanguageOne Corporation

NEC Networks & System Integration Services, Ltd.

Head office: Tokyo, Japan
Established: July 1988
Capitalization: ¥60 million
Voting rights: 100.0%

NESIC BRASIL S/A [new window]

Head office: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Established: November 1976
Voting rights: 87.4%

NESIC (Thailand) Ltd. [new window]

Head office: Bangkok, Thailand
Established: March 1991
Voting rights: 49.0%


Head office: Manila, The Philippines
Established: April 1991
Voting rights: 100.0%

Networks & System Integration Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. [new window]

Head office: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Established: April 2006
Voting rights: 100.0%

ICT Star Group Myanmar Co., Ltd. [new window]

Head office:Yangon, Myanmrar
Established: April 2016
Voting rights: 46.0%


Figures in parentheses after the percentage of voting rights held represent percentages inclusive of indirectly held shares.

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