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Corporate Philosophy

This page features NESIC's corporate philosophy.


As a member of the NEC Group, we share the NEC Way and strive to practice it.

The NEC Way is a common set of values that form the basis for how the entire NEC Group conducts itself.
Within the NEC Way, the "Purpose" and "Principles" represents why and how as a company we conduct business, whilst the "Code of Values" and "Code of Conduct" embodies the values and behaviors that all members of the NEC Group must demonstrate.

Putting the NEC Way into practice we will create social value.

NESIC Group Code of Conduct

Mainly from the viewpoint of compliance and business ethics, "The NESIC Group Code of Conduct" has been established to specifically prescribe what all the employees at NESIC and its Group should know, what they should bear in mind in day-to-day activities and how they should act as a member of society and as a businessperson.