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Business Outline


Business Outline

Approach to each area of customers

NEC Networks & System Integration provides solutions to a broad array of customers such as enterprises, telecommunications carriers, and central and local governments from a customer's perspective. The Company is characterized by its strong ability to provide integrated services covering all areas of information and communications technology (ICT) with the network as its core, from planning and consultation to system design, system integration, and construction, as well as maintenance, operation, outsourcing, and business process outsourcing (BPO). The ability to provide facility management such as office furniture, air conditioning, and lighting systems, in addition to ICT, is also a strength unique to the Company.

For enterprises

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We will make proposals for innovative work styles in offices by combining facilities such as office furniture, air conditioning, and lighting systems and office design, in addition to ICT such as networks and IT platforms, the basis of corporate activities. We will also support customers to strengthen their management power and promote and expand their business further with support services such as operation and maintenance as well as outsourcing services using our data centers.

For telecommunications carriers

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n telecommunications carriers, network traffic is increasing significantly due to the expanding use of smartphones and other devices. We support the operations of telecommunications carriers that require high reliability and improved operating efficiency with the installation of such networking infrastructure as well as operation and maintenance using our nationwide support service network. We help them improve the quality of the various services they provide in response to the multi-vendor environment, including global vendors.

For central and local governments

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We support the telecommunications infrastructure development of central and local governments and social infrastructure operators, from installation to operation and maintenance. In doing so, we are helping to realize a safe and secure society equipped with local information networks, fire-fighting telecommunications systems, and disaster prevention networks and a society in which everyone can benefit from information technology without disparity. We will also contribute to the development of a society through operation support for national research and development projects, such as the lunar orbiting satellite Kaguya and the asteroid probe Hayabusa.

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