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Business Outline

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

NESIC in Daily Life

Drawing on our three strengths – construction capabilities, ICT capabilities, and support services platform – we offer comprehensive solutions in all project stages from consulting, to system design, integration, installation, operation and maintenance, and even BPO (business process outsourcing) to improve productivity and solve customers’ problems.

Business Outline

Three Strengths
Drawing on Three Strengths, NESIC Provides Unique, Innovative Services

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) is a communications system integrator that provides a range of telecommunications in an integrated fashion, from system integration to installation to service, to variety of customers including companies, telecom carriers, public offices and social infrastructure operators.

Founded in 1953, we have for more than 60 years developed (i) construction capabilities used for telecommunications facilities, electric facilities, airconditioning facilities, and building facilities, (ii) reliable ICT capabilities for developing sophisticated ICT infrastructure for telecom carriers and public institutions, and (iii) a range of support service platforms for safety and security, using operation centers which operate, monitor, and maintain networks, and comprehensive technical centers for the supply chain from the procurement and storage of equipment to evaluation, repairs, and distribution. Our advantage is providing these strengths in a comprehensive manner.

ICT Capabilities
Having a core of network technology with rock-solid reliability, we respond to a broad range of ICT needs.

With outstanding capabilities in the design and integration of public networks operated by telecom carriers and other large-scale, wide-area networks for which impeccable reliability is essential, NESIC provides ICT services for a broad range of customers including central and local governments, social infrastructure operators, and enterprises. We handle various systems, depending on customer requirements, and provide customers with solutions that also include measures for outstanding security, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Construction Capabilities
From telecom infrastructure, to office facility management, we get the job done.

Over the 60-plus years we have been in business, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with diverse types of telecom infrastructure in Japan and abroad. We draw on all of that intellectual wealth in installing mobile base stations, broadcasting systems, and other types of public infrastructure, and in providing office facility management services encompassing all related electrical facilities, office furniture, and even space design.

Support Service Platform
We have the organization wherewithal to provide a broad range of services customers can count on.

NESIC offers operation center functions centralizing everything from help desk to network operation, maintenance and monitoring services; comprehensive technical centers serving as a one-stop source for distribution functions, technical evaluations, testing, SI, maintenance and repairs; and data centers serving as a platform for outsourcing services. We have the organization wherewithal to provide customers with sophisticated support services 24/7.