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Business Outline

This page features NESIC's businesses

NESIC in Daily Life

NESIC contributes to a safe, secure, and plentiful tomorrow in various contexts of daily life.

Business Outline

Our businesses

Since its founding as a telecommunications construction company in 1953, the NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) Group has expanded its business fields in tune with changes in the times and technology. Today, NESIC creates various communications systems and services integrating various equipment, software, networks, and services, as well as brand new cutting-edge/venture technologies for its diverse base of customers, such as companies, telecom carriers, governments, and social infrastructure providers. Furthermore, the Company is a comprehensive provider of operating and monitoring, maintenance, and outsourcing services.

DX Solutions Business

Provides DX solutions for enterprise market in Japan and overseas. Offers related ICT system integration and BPO services.

Network Solutions Business

Provides system integration and other services related to highly reliable and resilient carrier-grade ICT infrastructure, including for telecommunications carriers.

Environmental & Social Solutions Business

Provides ICT system integration and other services with a focus on environment/energy fields and DX solutions for public sector. Provides engineering and support service businesses in Japan and overseas.

NESIC’s Strengths

At NESIC, our extensive line of business offers everything from construction to operation, and support services for a variety of customers ranging from corporations to government agencies. The diverse human resources underpinning these businesses have refined their advanced technical skills through co-creation and self-implementation, a key element of our ability to develop businesses.Moreover, because the Company urges and values efforts that promote interaction with other companies and those in advanced domains, each and every employee is becoming more and more aware of the importance of embracing our spirit of challenge and speed.

Co-creation and Self-implementation

Our unique approach of co-creating and self-implementing with customers and various other stakeholders has become a strength for our creation of new businesses aimed at resolving social issues.

Broad business areas

In addition to the construction services we have provided since our founding, we have expanded our business into the ICT domain. We offer a wide range of services from construction to maintenance, operation, and cloud services at a wide range of customer sites, including corporations, telecommunications carriers, government agencies, and social infrastructure providers.

Technological capability

In addition to the technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years, the advanced technological capabilities we have acquired through our self-implementation activities—in which we integrate and master the cutting-edge technologies of various partners—will play a major role in resolving the increasingly complex issues of society.

Human resources

Our diverse human resources who underpin our extensive line of business, which has advanced in step with the Company, create new value by drawing on their various experiences, knowledge, and skills, contributing to the development of society and the growth of our organization.

Speed and Challenge spirits

he sense of speed fostered through our cocreation experiences with customers and partners and our mindset for embracing challenges through internal efforts, such as our pitch competition, will spur the creation of new value that is well-suited to the current era marked by drastic changes.