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The NESIC Group' s CSR

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

CSR Policy

In January 2017, the NESIC Group acknowledged a set of values and the DNA the Group has cultivated as well as its far-sighted aspirations and corporate vision as the NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation Group Statement.

This statement represents our enthusiasm for realizing a “connected society” that enables everyone throughout the world to freely share various information and ideas and enjoy a safe, secure and plentiful tomorrow, for developing more welcoming and convenient communications and for being a company that will always be trusted by society and customers in all eras.

With this aspiration, we will work to solve social issues in all our corporate activities and contribute to sustainable development for the world and society.

CSR Promotion System

We established the Management Quality Improvement Committee and undertake efforts concerning ISO 26000 core subjects with an aim of enhancing our corporate value.


Main CSR Themes

We have set forth the main CSR themes as shown in the diagram below, in line with ISO26000 core issues, and are pursuing initiatives.

1. Corporate Governance

We have a management system that enables quick decision-making for responding promptly to changes in the business environment, and work to ensure management soundness and transparency by practicing timely and appropriate disclosure.

2. Human Rights

We have specified in the NESIC Group’s the Charter of Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct that we respect all basic human rights in all our corporate activities, never accepting any discriminatory practices, child labor or forced labor, and pursue a wide variety of relevant activities.

3. Human resources development/Creating worker-friendly workplaces

We promote and develop diverse human resources with individuality and endeavor to create workplaces that enable such human resources to make the most of their talents and capabilities.

4. Environment

We provide our customers with systems and services that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Through initiatives to minimize environmental impact of our business activities, to make effective use of resources and to protect biodiversity, we contribute to reducing the environmental burden to preserve the global environment.

5. Compliance/Risk Management

As the foundation for earning the trust of our stakeholders, we pursue initiatives to carry out business operations that make compliance our number one priority. We implement overall risk management to ensure sustainable business development.

6. Procurement

We work with suppliers to promote CSR throughout the supply chain by building trusting relationships and cooperating with suppliers.

7. CS (Customer Satisfaction)

As a partner, we work to build trusting relationships with our customers by offering systems and services that can contribute to the customers’ businesses.

8. Information Security/Privacy Policy (Protection of Personal Information)

Based on the recognition that protecting all information assets related to our customers and the Group is an important management issue, we ensure that each and every employee is aware of the importance of information security initiatives.

9. Safety & Quality

We offer systems and services with reliable quality that customers can use with confidence by implementing various measures towards safety and quality control. In addition, we observe laws and regulations concerning occupational health and safety and provide employees with safe, healthy and comfortable work environment.

10. Social Contributions

As a good corporate citizen, we promote initiatives to support the disaster-affected areas, international coorporation and so forth in response to requests of society and actively engage in social contribution activities through communications with local communities.

Respect for International Initiatives

In addition to ISO26000 that forms the basis of our CSR initiatives, we have introduced the following international initiatives and endeavor to improve relevant activities.

The United Nations Global Compact

As a member of the NEC Group, we implement initiatives to solve social issues from a global perspective, conscious of the measures concerning the UN Global Compact's Ten Principles.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We are undertaking business activities that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015.