NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation


NESIC identified six materiality issues that should be addressed in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society and its own sustainable growth.

Materiality Matrix

The matrix chart below classifies and systemizes the relationship between our business and the ESGs and the SDGs with respect to the six materiality issues.
NESIC has been working to resolve a number of social issues through its core businesses, such as building safe and secure social infrastructure, providing workstyle innovation solutions, promoting the global use of ICT, and creating partnerships through communications. In an effort to further our contributions to society through our core businesses, we have numbered the 169 targets of
the SDGs in relation to our materiality, visualizing their relationship with our core business strategies and initiatives and the basic strategies of the new medium-term management plan.

Vision for Society

When identifying its materiality, NESIC came up with “an inclusive and sustainable society created through communications” as a long-term vision for society.
Our aim is to create, through communications technologies, a society in which people all over the world can acquire the information they need and have equal access to education and healthcare. This is a society in which walls throughout the world will be torn down in order to realize peace through the promotion of open communication. The society that we aim for will also contribute to resolving various social issues through communications and the sharing of ideas between people all over the world.

Initiatives to Provide Value to Society through 2030

NESIC has selected three initiatives to prioritize in its provision of value to society via communications through 2030.

Create environments in which everyone can work more vigorously

We aim to provide environments where everyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality, can work vigorously and to the best of their abilities without regard to location.

Develop pleasant and plentiful communities with cutting-edge technologies

We aim to help develop communities, such as smart cities, where people can lead exciting and fulfilling lives with safety and convenience, and where various information services are provided on robust communication platforms using the latest mobile technologies, etc.

Provide robust services that underpin safety and security in evolving society

We will support the development and advancement of ICT essential for economic growth by creating safe and secure services that offer high quality and national reach.

Initiatives for growth at NESIC

To continue growing as a company through such value creation efforts, NESIC must further strengthen its own business foundation. To this end, the Company has selected the following three priority initiatives. We believe communication, such as through co-creation and dialogue, is important for our own growth as a company.

Sound and highly transparent management

  • Strengthen governance through dialogue with stakeholders
  • Promote compliance with an eye on diversity

While aiming for further growth, NESIC engages in governance and compliance activities that form the foundation for continuing to be a sound company acknowledged by all stakeholders. Amid advances in diversity and accelerating cocreation and innovation, all of us need to take action based on high ethical standards in order to maintain and strengthen our relationship of trust with society. To that end, we will reinforce governance and promote compliance through engaging in dialogue with various stakeholders.

Strengthen innovation capabilities to create new value

  • Promote a culture that encourages change and embrance of new challenges
  • Accelerate co-creation and the use of various services in our own business practices to better understand the customers’ point of view

Innovation is the source of our ability to continue providing value to society. Management is focusing its efforts on encouraging employees to take on new challenges and spur new change through not only iterative improvements, but also various initiatives starting from scratch. We intend to offer new value through easier-touse systems and services by accelerating efforts to co-create with stakeholders, using various services in our own business practices to better understand the customers’ point of view.

Create work environments where employees can work vigorously

  • Improve the well-being of employees
  • Encourage frank and open discussions, enhance the corporate culture as a facilitator of self-growth

People are the source of innovation. As a front-runner in work styles, NESIC strives to create systems that allow employees to work without having to worry about their physical or mental health and have a balanced social life. Our aim is to nurture a corporate culture where employees are highly motivated and engage in frank and open discussions within an invigorating environment that facilitates self-growth. We aim to realize work environments that allow each and every employee to thrive and work to the best of their abilities.

Materiality Identification Process

The process for identifying materiality issues entailed discussions from various angles by the secretariat team, which involved the corporate planning, investor relations and CSR sections, within the context of a long-term standpoint and initiatives unique to NESIC, while taking into consideration the opinions of investors obtained at ESG meetings.
Top management also repeatedly discussed the issues, earnestly debating which issues it should address in order to achieve sustainable development of society and the Company. After listening to the opinions of outside directors, management determined specific materiality issues that NESIC should address.

Confirmation of social issues
(overseas / domestic)
Global issues such as the SDGs, ISO 26000, and GRI were confirmed, and megatrends listed by research institutions.
Interviews and internal discussion on important initiatives at NESIC
Interviews with top management and free discussions among top management were held on the vision for society and the vision for NESIC, within the context of important initiatives that the Company should undertake.
Candidate materiality issues and internal discussions
A list of candidate materiality issues was created based on the vision for society and the Company initiatives to be undertaken to realize the visions that were examined in steps 1 and 2, which was followed by discussions with top management
Interviews with outside directors
The candidate materiality issues proposed in Step 3 were explained to the outside directors, who offered their insight.
Identification of materiality issues
The Executive Committee determined materiality issues based on internal and external opinions. The issues were reported to the Board of Directors.

Value Creation Model

With the formulation of our new medium-term management plan, we have set forth the achievement of a “Sustainable Symphonic Society” as our vision for society.
In order to realize such a society, we will establish a value creation model that integrates DX and ”Beyond 5G”next-generation network technologies through the inspiration of our five strengths, with creation in harmony as new factor to success.
Based on this value creation model, we will develop a series of new businesses and services, and by 2030, we will realize three particularly important values for society (materiality): “create work environments in which everyone can take the initiative,” “develop pleasant and plentiful communities with cutting-edge technologies,” and “provide robust services that underpin safety and security in evolving society.”
Furthermore, in order to continue to create such value for society, we will implement three initiatives that are particularly important to the growth of our business (materiality): “sound and highly transparent management,” on the basis of which we will “strengthen innovation capabilities to create new value” and “create a culture where employees can take initiative.”
By continuing to embrace this value creation model, we aim to help realize a more affluent society, contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and increase corporate value over the long term.