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Message from the President

NESIC President presents his message

The NESIC Group is committed to reforming itself and elevating society.

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) was established in 1953 as a telecommunications infrastructure construction company. We have since expanded our business domains centering on telecom infrastructure both in Japan and overseas and corporate networks in line with advances in communication technologies and changes in social issues. Today, we serve as a "Communication Services Orchestrator" to provide values for various customers including enterprises, telecommunications carriers, government offices and social infrastructure business operators with a wide variety of businesses, including system integration, construction and services.

Recent years have seen a spread of digital technologies represented by cloud services as well as next-generation communication technologies such as 5G. Enterprises and local governments are now making full-scale efforts in digital transformation (DX). In this situation, in May 2022, we have established a medium-term management plan "Shift up 2024" for a three-year period from FY2022 to FY2024. It addresses the realization of DX and beyond-5G next-generation networks that are being implemented in society and the acceleration of innovation for creating new social value.

"Shift up 2024" aims to advance relationships with customers and our business models by carrying out our own reforms. Our long-term vision for society reads: An inclusive and sustainable society created through communications. The state of "Sustainable Symphonic Society" mentioned in "Shift up 2024" is a point that we should reach in 2030 on our way towards the vision. With the NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation Group Statement, which defines our mission, we will strive towards realizing the vision for society.

We ask for your further support for the NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation Group.

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)