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Personal Information Protection

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

Initiatives for the Protection of Personal Information

The NESIC Group, as a partner for our customers, seeks to build a bridge toward a new era, keeping in mind the goal of enhancing customer value, creating an affluent and convenient society, and establishing networks that facilitate secure connections among people. In doing so, we recognize the importance of personal information protection and operate a management system to protect that information, while at the same time ensuring that employees are fully aware of the proper management of personal information.

  • Personal Information Protection Policy
  • Personal Information Protection Management System
  • Acquisition of the Privacy Mark
  • Main Initiatives

Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Management Structure

NESIC is united in its commitment to protecting the personal information of customers, which it does by establishing and strengthening the following system.

Acquisition of the Privacy Mark

We are certified by JIPDEC in terms of using the privacy mark, and are taking steps to ensure that personal information protection is comprehensively managed through the management system established in accordance with JIS Q 15001 : 2006 of the Japanese Industrial Standards, a requirement in this certification system.

*For matters we have announced based on the “JIS Q 15001 : 2006 of the Japanese Industrial Standards,” please click on the following link.

Our group companies are also working to acquire the privacy mark, as necessary, and to ensure the full protection of personal information at each company.

<Acquisitions of the Privacy Mark at Group Companies>
NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd.
Nichiwa Co, Ltd..(Japanese Website Only)
NEC Net Innovation, Ltd..(Japanese Website Only)
Q&A Corporation.
K&N System Integrations Corporation(Japanese Website Only)
NEC Networks & System Integration Services, Ltd.(Japanese Website Only)

Main Initiatives

Education on personal information protection

We provide education on information security as well as personal information protection to all employees once a month. In addition, we have already implemented online education for employees regarding My Number.

Checks on personal information protection (confirmation of implementation)

Checks are implemented regularly (once a year or more) on the internal handling of personal information by the Management Office for the Promotion of Personal Information Protection. Corrective measures are taken, if necessary.

Auditing of personal information protection

In addition to the checks, auditing is carried out by audit teams once a year for all operations that handle personal information, to confirm that the management system is being operated properly.