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Social Contributions

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

The NESIC Group is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society and the world as a whole. Our aim is to incorporate efforts to resolve social issues into all of our business activities, in order to create a richer society built on friendly and convenient communication.

With this Sustainability policy in mind, we aim to actively engage with the communities around us, and to do our level best to contribute to the development of society through social contribution activities, from individual activities through to groupwide initiatives.

Main Themes for Social Contribution Activities

As a group, we promote volunteer activities through “human development” initiatives within the NESIC Group, so that organizations at every level can carry out activities in line with issues facing the communities around them, and their needs, and individual employees can undertake a range of activities for the benefit of society or their respective communities.

In an effort to improve understanding within the group regarding shared issues facing society and various different communities, we focus on activities that make the most of our strengths, and on cooperative activities in partnership with a whole host of external organizations to resolve those issues.

Basic Initiatives to Ensure Harmony with Society

Community Engagement

To contribute to local development in line with issues facing those communities, and their needs, organizations within the group engage with the communities around them and carry out activities in their respective countries, as well as local areas within those countries.

“Human Development” within the NESIC Group

We make every effort to develop human resources that understand issues facing individual communities and society as a whole, and are able to take action themselves to contribute to sustainable development, as responsible corporate citizens.

We focus on areas such as raising awareness of volunteering, providing information and creating learning opportunities, so that individual employees can engage in volunteer activities as a member of his/her local community, and use those activities as an opportunity for personal development.

Initiatives Tackling Society Issue or Shared Issues Facing Various Communities

Contributing to Next-generation Human Development

We share the experiences and technologies that have enabled us to play a supporting role in society to date, in an effort to help develop next-generation human resources.
Our activities include hosting company tours for students to experience our advanced ICT environment, and organizing delivery class (lecture) under the name “Antarctic Club.”*

*Students are taught by company employees who have been part of teams spending the winter in Antarctica, tasked with operating, maintaining and testing multipurpose satellite data reception systems at the Showa Station. Classes/lectures cover subjects such as the climate, animals, and wildlife in Antarctica, and what day-to-day life is like there.

Support for New Local Development

Our businesses include social infrastructure business to provide safety and reassurance. In particular, we try to resolve issues facing communities and work on new local development based on our commitment to “collaboration,” so that we can contribute to the further development of local communities.
We also get involved in activities in areas affected by major disasters, ranging from reconstruction support to support for new local development.

Cooperative Activities with a Wide Range of External Organizations

We engage in cooperative activities with a whole host of external organizations working to improve understanding and find solutions to shared social issues affecting the international community or large areas in Japan.

Supporting Recovery in Areas Hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Disaster Recovery Volunteerism as Training for New-Hires

From April 2012, a little over a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, through 2016, we sent new hires to assist with recovery work in disaster-affected areas. Our aim is to provide these employees, all of whom are volunteers, with an opportunity to consider how we as a business entity should contribute to society, and learn the basic attitudes (safety consciousness, the “go-and-see” principle, etc.) required of our employees. This initiative was highlighted at the Japan management Association’s KAIKA Awards 2014 as an exceptional example of an activity designed to solve a social problem.

Local Food Fair

We hold the Tohoku Local Food Fair at our Iidabashi Head Office building to give people in Tokyo a way to support remote disaster-affected areas. Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, recognizing that this program supports the ministry’s “Support by Eating” campaign, presented NESIC with a certificate of appreciation on March 4, 2015.