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Information Security

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

Basic Approach

The NESIC Group believes that maintaining impeccable quality in the systems and services we provide to customers, and dependable information security for business, personal and all other customer data, are the foundation underpinning the trust that is essential for building trusting relationships with stakeholders.

We, therefore, have implemented a broad spectrum of measures to ensure safety in the construction, integration and other types of work we perform, and secure information, so that customers can be confident in the systems and services we provide.

Main Initiatives in Information Security

Information Security Education

To enhance security awareness, information security training is actively conducted for all employees (including temporary employees) of the NESIC Group in Japan.

In the fiscal year ended March 2016, all NESIC Group employees in Japan underwent DVD-based training on handling personal information and participated in training on information security and protection of personal information.

Information Security Self-Inspections

Abiding by the NEC Group’s information security standards, all NESIC departments conduct self-inspections to determine whether they are properly implementing information security measures. These self-inspections allow each department to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and then take steps needed to improve information security.

Strict Controls on Information Devices and Personal Information

To prevent information leaks, we exercise strict controls on the movement of personal computers, USB memory sticks, and other information devices to locations outside of company premises.

When business activities necessitate that information devices be taken off site, employees are required to take the least amount of information needed and must implement encryption measures. Information devices taken off site are tracked with a dedicated management system.

When personal information is received from a customer, it must be registered in the “Personal Identifiable Information Control System,” a dedicated system for this purpose.

The proper functioning of the systems mentioned above was confirmed in internal audit procedures focusing on information security and protection of personal information in the fiscal year ended March 2016.

National Personal Identification Number System

When the Japanese government announced that it would introduce a national personal identification number system, we assembled a project team with members drawn from throughout its organization.
The team developed a process for preparing a report on legal matters concerning employees, sole proprietors and others, and security management measures for that process.

This work helped to significantly lower the risk that personal identification numbers could be leaked.