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Top Commitment


Helping to Realize an Inclusive and Sustainable Society by Resolving Social Issues through All of Our Corporate Activities



The NESIC Group has adopted “An inclusive and sustainable society created through communications” as its long-term vision for society.

Our aim is to create, through communications technologies, a society in which people all over the world can acquire the information they need and have equal access to various services. This is a society in which walls throughout the world will be torn down in order to realize peace through the promotion of open communication. The society that we aim for will also contribute to resolving various social issues through communications and the sharing of ideas between people all over the world.

NESIC will make every effort to realize this vision for society by continuing to leverage its strengths to provide value to society, with the intention of resolving the global issues that continue to emerge in a rapidly changing world, as well as the many social issues in Japan, such as its declining birthrate and aging population.

NESIC must sustain its growth in order to reach this goal. We will undertake tireless efforts to create value for society while understanding the expectations and desires placed upon us through communications with our various stakeholders, and implementing measures related to CSR starting with the continued strengthening of corporate governance.

Yushi Ushijima
NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

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