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NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation Group established the “NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation Group Statement” in January 2017, to express the values and DNA that we have accumulated to date and what we aspire to achieve as a corporate group going forward. In this statement, we seek to create a safe, secure and plentiful tomorrow. We believe that the core activity for achieving this aim is the creation of communication as something of value to society. Based on this belief, we strive to address social issues in all of our corporate activities while contributing to the sustainable growth of society.

Our Group has selected the following priority themes, from among the global issues indicated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, and from among the social issues confronting Japan, including the low birthrate and aging society.

Providing values by creating communication;

Continuously enhancing values for employees, promoting diversity;

Establishing a corporate culture in which employees can work without anxiety;

Providing products and services that contribute to safety and security;

Encouraging suppliers to give greater consideration to sustainability;

Continuing thorough efforts in compliance;

We will continue to pursue a range of initiatives for each of these themes and will refine our activities, communicating with our stakeholders to understand their expectations and hopes, while making ongoing efforts to further strengthen our corporate governance.

Yushi Ushijima
NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

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